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I don’t know about you, but I find the pace of life hectic. A few minutes of quiet with my Bible in front of me and in prayer keeps me centered, starts my day off right. Then I sit at my computer and travel into America’s past, spinning stories for Love Inspired Books that I hope will touch the hearts of my readers. I believe in love stories that grab people from the first page and carry them along the sometimes rocky journey of maintaining faith in trying circumstances.

A huge thanks to my readers for your lovely e-mails. I'm delighted you enjoyed reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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God bless you.


The Bride Wore Spurs
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"A Daddy for Christmas" Home for Christmas
eBook only anthology. Available at Amazon now.

When Rafe Rafferty discovers he’s a father, he returns to Bountiful, Indiana, to marry the mother, only to learn she died after childbirth and her sister Tess is raising his child. Rafe falls head over heels for his daughter and for Tess, a woman who doesn’t trust easily. Especially the man she thinks abandoned her sister. Can Rafe prove he’s worthy and conquer the protective walls she’s built around her heart?











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The Bounty Hunter's Redemption

Staking his claim

Recently widowed Carly Richards is shocked when a bounty hunter declares her seamstress shop belongs to his sister. But Nate Sergeant has proof—the deed her lawless husband gambled away without her knowledge. Now Carly must fight for her home and her son’s future. And until a judge arrives to settle ownership, she’s not budging…despite Nate’s surprisingly kind demeanor—and dashing good looks.

Nate’s faced the meanest outlaws in the land—but this petite, strong-willed seamstress may be his greatest challenge. He owes his sister his life, so he’s determined she’ll have the property that’s legally hers. But as Nate and Carly battle for ownership, Nate realizes there’s something he overlooked—the hope of building a family with Carly and her adorable son.

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