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I don’t know about you, but I find the pace of life hectic. A few minutes of quiet with my Bible in front of me and in prayer keeps me centered, starts my day off right. Then I sit at my computer and travel into America’s past, spinning stories for Steeple Hill that I hope will touch the hearts of my readers. I believe in love stories that grab people from the first page and carry them along the sometimes rocky journey of maintaining faith in trying circumstances.

A huge thanks to my readers for your lovely e-mails. I'm delighted you enjoyed reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Enjoy your visit!
God bless you.


The Bride Wore Spurs

The Bride Wore Spurs

The cowgirl takes a husband!

To keep the Texas ranch she loves, Hannah Parrish will wed a man she doesn’t. Cowpokes won’t take orders from a young, single female. But while her exasperating neighbor Matt Walker jokes about her being a mere debutante, Hannah is a rancher to the core. Just like Matt.

“Will you marry me?” It’s a question widowed Matt never intended to ask again. Now spirited Hannah is asking him for a marriage of convenience! Yet whether she’s birthing a calf or caring for a young orphan, the tomboy next door is becoming the partner Matt always hoped for. Now he must convince her the greatest strength comes in trusting your heart to another—and your future to God.…


An Inconvenient Match

His family destroyed hers. But Wade Cummings's job offer—to care for his recuperating father—is impossible to decline. Schoolteacher Abigail Wilson can swallow her pride for the sake of a summer paycheck that will help her sister. And when Abigail's employment ends, old loyalties will separate the feuding families once more.

If there's anyone in town stubborn enough to deal with Wade's cantankerous father, it's Abigail. It's just a business arrangement—and a temporary one, at that. Her good opinion shouldn't matter a lick to Wade. Yet their different backgrounds belie a surprising kinship. Perhaps unexpected love will be their reward for the summer's inconvenient match.

Last Minute Bride

 Part of Brides of the West Anthology

Elise Langley was stung to the quick when her would-be suitor suddenly left town. But when David Wellman returns and they are thrown together organizing their friends’ wedding, can she open her heart again?







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